What We Do

Mac Mountain is working with rural communities to expand broadband coverage across the state. By focusing on unserved and underserved areas, we aim to provide broadband access.



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Supporting broadband to rural communities.
Small cells and existing infrastructure for mobile broadband.
Providing a credit solution to municipalities and private internet service providers. In development and more to come.
As Vermonters, we know each community is unique. Mac Mountain aims to design solutions to provide communities with the coverage they need. We use data analytics from census data, traffic data, the Vermont Wireless Drive Tests, and more to properly identify unserved and underserved communities. This includes and prioritizes placing Emergency Services Radios on every pole.
Vermont has organized its Broadband Services by community, forming “Communications Union Districts, known as “CUDs”. A CUD is an organization of two or more towns that join together as a municipal entity to build communication infrastructure together. Mac Mountain aims to collaborate closely with these CUD’s to utilize their services, enhance their broadband capacity, and extend communities enhanced wireless services as a result.

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